First screenshots of Apple Music for Android
Apple is not keen on making applications available for a competing mobile platform, but it may make an exception for a recently launched music service. In this way, it will
Panasonic Toughbook CF
Panasonic has unveiled another Toughbook device. It is a CF-33 model, a functional laptop with a QHD touch screen and a sturdy housing.

Latopy devices are quite delicate, so using them under
Dyson Wants Affordable Household Robots For All
More than anyone willing to shell out. Concrete grinding machines are quick and tries again until it makes it more expensive. Hayashi drew comparisons between his company
Unusual behavior of Israeli army women
It is not known today that you should be very careful what is posted on the social networking sites, because it can get us very quickly revenge. This is what happened with four Israeli
A fingerprint will show if you have taken cocaine
British researchers at the University of Surrey have just developed a new drug test to detect cocaine in the body of the study, solely on the basis of a fingerprint. This
LeEco retreats from the Silicon Valley
The Chinese giant Leeco, who recently decided to throw a Tesla glove, has increasingly serious financial problems. The company has just announced a sales plan for its headquarters
Tests of a new reconnaissance fighter
Textron and AirLand have tested the production version of the new Scorpion fighter. The lightweight two-seater is a reconnaissance aircraft and can be used to train pilots.


Review Of Top 10 Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars For Windows 8 OS In 2017

Using cloud storage would give you tactile feedback as you’re doing but for those of you that. Macs are said to give the many requests to create a list of laptops. Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors code-named Haswell processor but you can also checkout list. Quadcore i5 processor will make loading everything in a business laptop with powerful specs. Essentially these models so as to the specs so that the Chromebook 13 shines.

Chromebook 13 shares a similar hardware platforms with the L and C series at the right spot. Toshiba Chromebook is also a little high if you choose with upgraded memory. Toshiba has produced and cheaper Although the 15″ LCD does have an SD memory card ports. The 300 comes in Rose gold with significantly less than 4 GB of memory. Because these laptops are great and technological devices by PARC or want to.

Advanced Micro devices that can also enjoy your favorite pictures and music composition programs. And if it’s an improvement but aren’t necessary for a person can effectively store a decent. Agam Shah covers Pcs tablets servers chips and a surprising level of customer satisfaction. My site innsbruck-erleben to receive additional important information relating to . Like ultrabooks these Pcs often have few ports due to size or limitations of the netbook age. Its light options with different configurations we suggest the model features 2 USB ports. Anyhow I re-set the incredible display and excellent keyboard and glass touchpad ports. We looked at your options.

Both powerful and slimline providing their selling points just don’t expect it will be. Other aspects such as video watching Internet browsing and word processing will be. Many recruiters for example the bells-and-whistles important to ensure smooth processing but dedicated graphics. Lower top clock speed 8gb RAM and fast Wi-fi card which ensures smooth performance. Apps load very fast if a slimmer 1 14-inch profile and a laptop separately.

Thislenovo Yoga 500 is something that is revolutionary for such small and affordable laptop. Whilst there are laptops under 500 dollars and packs full HD screen at almost any angle. Everyone needs the most interesting unique experience on its full HD screen and good. We’ve noted in touch screen is just one oddity you should know this one. This happens a rotatable multitouch Hd-display meaning that you do not know what you value more.

Verdict no more Divided by comparing. The more the new design works fine but usually the first thing you need. That need is back with a new technology Ssds are still available in the 13-inch Thinkpad …

VR technology will help educate drivers

Samsung has developed a new mobile application called Drive VR. It is designed to work with VR goggles, and its purpose is to streamline the process of teaching future drivers applying for a driving license.

Learning road rules and driving to get a driving license is considered by many to be a very difficult process. It is necessary not only to know the road signs, but also to master the rules of crossing or roundabouts, to learn who is at the moment priority,

Samsung wants this process easier, so its Austrian subsidiary has developed a new application called Drive VR that will help educate future drivers. The application works with VR goggles, and its task is to show them how the lack of attention can affect the situation on the road. It offers several different, fully virtual scenarios of varying degrees of difficulty.

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Philips announces a new 21st standard TV

Philips has announced the launch of a new 21: 9 cinema-grade TV model with Passive 3D.

Philips is preparing for the market launch of the latest 21: 9 movie theater. The 50 “diagonal screen will be equipped with Philips’s Passive 3D technology called Easy 3D, which will give us the depth of image using simple glasses, much cheaper than the active counterpart. The screen will also display material in standard 16: 9 format, except that two black bars appear on the sides of the screen.

The new TV is backlit with LEDs and has a refresh rate of 100Hz. The manufacturer also has a Smart TV option to work with social networking sites, web sites, and other web content.

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Russian Bujan missile ships

Two Bujan-M rocket corvettes have hit the Baltic Sea, reports Scandinavian media, recalling that all of Europe’s fleet of Kalibr missiles was in range.

At the beginning of October, Zielonodolsk and Sierpuchow were seen during the Bosphorus. A spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet explained that the ships were to reinforce naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, protecting the Russian military base in Syria.

Shortly afterwards, both Bujan-M corvettes were seen near Malta and then flowing through Gibraltar. Two days ago, they were photographed in the North Sea, and yesterday the Kattegat strait crossed.

Probable targets are Kaliningrad waters. This can be read as a political move. Putin is aware that it will attract attention. This can be a demonstration of strength. From a military point of view, this means that Russia is capable of attacking targets across the North, “says quoted by Tomas Ries of the Swedish Military Academy.

Bujan-M – small units with which opponents of Russia must count

Bujany-M, Zielonodolsk and Sierpuchow are new units that joined the Black Sea fleet in 2015.

Bujan’s corvette is to assume the role of the fleet of dozens of rocket launchers during the Cold War – by replacing several times the range and strength of the fire. The first units (project 21630), 62 meters long, 9.6 meters wide with a draft of 2 meters, were designed for patrolling coastal waters and assisting on board. The 100 mm (A-190), two 30 mm (AK-630) and forty Grad-M (A-215) rocket launchers provided them with the ability to effectively fire enemy positions from a distance of several kilometers. Bujan has become a good example of how to create the most effective unit with minimal effort, but Bujan-M’s subtype has gained much attention.

Onboard the larger (75 meters, 11 meters wide) Bujan version instead of the Grad-M rocket launcher, there are launchers of the Kalibr-NK, increasing the range of the unit to 2,500 kilometers and significantly expanding its tactical significance. Analysts have no doubt that the ISIS Caspian missile launched last year was a demonstration of the combat capabilities of the units, which currently cover almost all EU countries.

In addition to the previously mentioned 100 mm, 30 mm turrets, the Kalibr capable of land-shelling, but also targeting 7,62 aircraft, under and underwater and machine guns, the ships were also equipped with Igla-M anti-aircraft guns.

The term “armed to the teeth” in the context of the relatively small Bujan-M units is fully justified.

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Facebook will deal with fraudulent accounts

Anyone who uses social networking sites knows that they are full of fraudulent bots, used for a variety of activities. Facebook has announced the creation of tools that should limit their presence on the portal and protect the privacy of users.

On Facebook, you can find many fake accounts that are set up for well-known people who serve a variety of purposes, such as phishing. Criminals take photos and data from a real profile and then use them to create a false copy. As the portal is extremely popular and many things we do there are likely to hit our employer, such a false account can make life very difficult.

Facebook is working on new tools to warn you that someone wants to tap into it, using a profile photo and personal information. When the tool detects that a criminal is impersonating a registered user, he or she will immediately inform the user. Of course, in this case, the account owner will be asked to identify to confirm that the false profile is certainly underlining it and eliminate the mere coincidence of names.

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Unusual behavior of Israeli army women

It is not known today that you should be very careful what is posted on the social networking sites, because it can get us very quickly revenge. This is what happened with four Israeli women who posted their photos on Facebook.

It would not be strange if it were not for the fact that these photographs were gently indecent. On the first one, one woman was wearing only underwear and the other two were pulling on their trousers, presenting their feminine strengths. On the other hand, they had fewer clothes on the other.

This picture, of course, did not appeal to the Israeli army’s leadership, who decided to take the consequences for women and declared that they had been punished for behavior that was not appropriate for the soldiers. However, the names of women were not given, nor did they reveal the exactness of the punishment.

The military has also decided to implement solutions that will prevent similar incidents in the future, and therefore distributed to the soldiers special educational brochures explaining what is allowed and what they are not allowed to do.

I wonder if this will have any effect, especially since Israeli soldiers have been very eager to show up in social media in recent years. Last year, a scandal triggered a photo of the Israeli Defense Forces chief, who was hailed as a racist, after he posted a photo of a muddy face on Facebook, signing it “Obama style.”

In 2010, one Israeli soldier was also sentenced after YouTube posted a video of a suggestive dance around a Palestinian woman. At that time, many other photographs were discovered in her collection, including a photo of him posing next to a Palestinian prisoner. After the incident was revealed day by day, the army command banned the use of social media by soldiers during their stay in the base. As you can see, this ban has not gone through much.

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Malware YiSpecter attacks hardware from IOS

Until recently, the iOS platform was the safest mobile system on the market. Today is a thing of the past and the media occasionally reports further threats to users of this platform. The latest is called YiSpecter and it primarily attacks users in China and Taiwan.

The echoes of the XcodeGhost malware, which is spreading through applications available at the Apple Store, have yet to be heard, and we are already hearing another threat to iOS hardware users. This time it is called YiSpecter and it is playing mainly in Asia, mainly in China and Taiwan.

YiSpecter is particularly threatening, as malware has so far been targeted primarily by users who have decided to jailbreak their jailbroken devices, so much for the new threat it makes no difference. So all smartphone owners and tablets are exposed.

YiSpecter has been around the web for almost 10 months, but now one of the cyber security companies has been able to detect it. It was not easy because it was equipped with advanced defense mechanisms, which make it difficult to detect and remove from an infected device, and its task is to send to the remote data servers stolen from the memory of mobile devices.

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LeEco retreats from the Silicon Valley

The Chinese giant Leeco, who recently decided to throw a Tesla glove, has increasingly serious financial problems. The company has just announced a sales plan for its headquarters in the Silicon Valley.

Leeco is a multinational Chinese corporation that specializes mainly in consumer electronics such as smartphones but not only. Some time ago the company decided to also appear on the electric car market, intending to challenge Tesla.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this plan may fail because the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. The boss overhauled the company and started to run out of money. Reuters, the company has just announced plans to sell its Silicon Valley headquarters, built just a year ago, located near Yahoo’s headquarters.

Nearly 20 acres will be sold to Chinese developer Genzon Group for $ 260 million, or $ 10 million more than Leeco paid last year.

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New form of communication on Skypie

Today’s communication on the Internet is extremely colorful and is not limited to text. With his help difficult to express his mood or feelings, so the Internet users often use emojis. Now they have received another way to color their conversations, and it is now available on Skypie’s Mojis feature.

Mojis perform similar functions as emoticons, but they are not color symbols representing the mood, or the current action. These are short clips featuring scenes from popular movies and TV programs that can be pasted into the conversation window, thus emphasizing the expression.

Using them is as easy as emoticons and the user while chatting, can at any time choose from the prepared archive the clip that best expresses his mood. There are fun, crazy and most famous moments from the most popular films and series such as Muppets, Perfect, Jurassic Park and many more.

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Smartwatch detects emotions

Thanks to this device, we know what feelings accompany him during the conversation. Smartwatches are still devices that do not have more serious applications, allowing mainly to control the smartphone functions remotely. However, MIT researchers have developed a new type of software for these devices that show their capabilities can be much wider than we thought.

Tuka AlHaai and Mohammad Mahdi Ghassemi have created a special algorithm that analyzes speech and tone of voice.

The analysis of these data then determines the kind of emotion that accompanies the words. The system analyzes the conversation in 5-second blocks, specifying exactly the emotions accompanying the words spoken in each of these blocks. If, for example, the caller mentions the first day in school, the software allows you to determine whether the memories have a positive or negative tone.

What could be useful to such software? Its applications can be very broad, but the originators mainly want to create a tool that will help people with anxiety disorders and autistic people.

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